The editorial office address:

Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design
2 Nemyrovysha-Danchenko St.
Kyiv, 01011

The editorial office email address:

For the additional information regarding the scientific articles publication in the «Technologies and Design» journal please refer to:

Executive Secretary Dromenko Valeriia
(Computer Integrated Technologies and Measurement Technology department, KNUTD, aud. 1-0420)
Phone number: 29-63 (in.), (044)-256-29-63; (044)-256-21-89

Editor-in-Chief Deputy Zlotenko Boris
(Department of computer engineering and electromechanical systems, Education and Scientific Institute of Engineering and Information Technologies, KNUTD, aud. 1-0111a)
phone number: 29-40 (in.), (044)-256-29-40