About journal

The journal “Technologies and Design” is a scientific publication which is issued in a digital format (is posted online on the portal of National Vernadskyi Library).

The online journal “Technologies and Design” was founded by Kyiv National University of Technologies and Design in September 2011.

The journal was established in order to enlighten the scientific and research results, the theoretical and experimental researches of scholars, specialists, teachers, doctorates, postgraduates, masters, students within the field of modern science and its topical questions, and also to satisfy the informational and scientific needs of society for knowledge gained within the scientific and research activity.

The journal “Technologies and Design” publishes the scholarly articles which highlight exclusively new results of fundamental and applied scientific researches in the area of technical and economic insurance and innovative development of light, textile, chemical industry enterprises and contiguous branches.

The journal accepts the articles of theoretical, applied, scientific and practical, methodical nature that demonstrate the results of scientific researches due to the journal thematic areas:

1. Technical aesthetics, design and ergonomics

  • the applied and practical issues of environmental design;
  • ergonomics of design objects projecting;
  • fashion industry and exhibition design, textile products design;
  • graphic design and advertising.

2. Technologies of light industry and materials science

  • the theoretical and applied issues of technologies of light industry, materials;
  • the theoretical, applied and practical issues of products and processes quality management.

3. Mechatronics, computer engineering and metrology

  • the theoretical and applied issues of light and textile industry machinery, household service;
  • the matters of Electronics, Electrical Engineering and Electrical Technology;
  • metrological supply, standardization, certification;
  • the automated management systems and informational technologies;
  • methods and devices of substance composition indication and control.

4. Chemical and biopharmaceutical technologies

  • the issues of polymers and composites, chemical fiber, leather and fur technologies;
  • biopharmaceutical technologies;
  • electrochemical technologies;
  • membrane and membrane technologies;
  • the problem of technogenic influence reduction on the environment.


“Technologies and Design” journal location in the Internet on the portal of National Vernadskyi Library:

(The content, annotations, issues).

Periodicity of the publication – 4 times per year;
The volume – up to 7 publisher’s sheet-copies.
The language of the journal – Ukrainian, English, Russian.

ISSN 2304-2605