№2 2019

Alshin I. Y., Kulik T. I., Gladchuk O. Z.
The study of the aerodynamic characteristics of the axial fan
Chagin A. D., Kulik T. I., Gladchuk O. Z.
Research of the operation of the engine of a millstone coffee grinder in automatic coffee machine
Petko I. V., Bila T. Y.
Improving the operational reliability and durability of joints with guaranteed tension
Babenko M., Statsenko V.
The research of data acquisition and control systems based on modern microcontrollers for electromechanical devices
Doroshenko A. Yu., Pylypenko Yu. M.
Monitoring and control of air condition in the laboratory via the Internet
Melamed I., Pylypenko Y.
Automate energy efficiency hotel using solar panels
Mosur I. V, Golubev L. P.
Research of energy saving modes of microprocessors systems
Golubev L. P., Chumak B. I.
Remote control by robot manipulator
Tkachenko O. V., Musiienko N. V.
Effect adsorption formalin, substances with two groups C=O and preparation DS-10 on quality brilliant tinning
Savenko N. P., Tkachenko A. V.
Chromium application on parts made of aluminum and its alloys
 Sorokhtei I., Sorokhtei M., Bereznenko N.
Features of properties of polymerbeton compositions