№2 2018

Kyiashko M. S., Nikolaeva T. V., Nikolaeva T. I.
Study of artistic and compositional characteristics of the Trypillian costume costume in the design of modern clothing collections
Melnikova Y., Lykhovyd K., Barkovska T.
Systematization of garnish of youth women’s clothing from denim
Arabuly A. T., Girman Yu. L.
Feature soft technological processing a pocket of a jacket women with using optical fibers
Bezuhla I. M., Moyseenko S. I.
Development of mobile sleeping bag for military workers
Haponenko M. O., Moyseenko S. I.
Development of winter men’s jacket with heat-insulating layer of new type
Riabovil A. V., Bakan L. A.
Features fabrication stitching without landing for clothes with the elements of transformation for pregnant
Riabovil D. V., Bakan L. A.
Impact analysis of the material features on the sewn seams quality in the manufacture of children’s waist clothes
Naranovуch A.I., Kulik T.I., Zlotеnko B.М.
Improvement of technology of making shoes using 3D printing
Perehodko V. М., Babich А. I.
Improvement of technological parameters of the execution thread of the connecting operations in the production of casual shoes
Koshel S. A., Koshel A. V., Tyshevsky D. I.
Study of sewing machine of chain stitch
Koshel S. A., Koshel A. V., Lovin V. S.
Improving the mechanism of transmitting the sewing machines for the steering pipes
Avdienko E. O., Zlotenko B. M., Kulik T. I.
Development of a control system for household electric boilers
Girka M. E., Petko I. V.
Systems of microclimate maintenance
Lisovets S. N., Bigib A. N.
Choosing the optimal operating mode of the air compressor for air preparation for pneumatic actuators
Bohdan I., Pylypenko Yu.
Using of energy efficient light emitting diodes in light systems
Vlasenko A., Pylypenko Yu.
Improvement of method of high control in systems of the laser metals cutting
Golubev L. P., Kiva I. L., Nikolayev V. V., Rafalsky A.
Application of Orange PI computer in automation systems
Hondzo O. V., Kyslova O. V.
Features of electroplating chromium in different composition electrolytes
Havrylchyk N. V., Kozarenko O. A., Dyadyun V. S.
Electrochemical characteristics of the mechanochemically obtained nanocomposites based on polyaniline and nanostructured molybdenum and tungsten disulfides as supercapasitor electrodes