№3 2020

Technical aesthetics, design and ergonomics
Dubrivna A. P., Kryzhanivska K. O.
Artistic and imaginative basic of digital art in modern illustration
Dubrivna A., Kruzhylina K.
Visual and figurative language of fashion illustration
Khvedchyk V. L, Siedak O. I.
Conceptual illustration as a direction of the modern book design
Technologies of light industry and materials science
Piddubna P. O., Moiseenko S. I.
Development of heat protection gasket with thermal resistance regulation  
Obrizan V. A., Chernyak L. V.
Research of physical and mechanical of textile materials for the manufacture of military backpacks
Galushka K., Kondratenko N.
Main features of sustainable clothing production and its strategic fashion marketing
Stoliarova V., Kamenets S.,  Borschevskaya N.
Spatial modeling and design of accessories and fittings for fashion industry products
Marusenko O. V., Kernesh V. P, Babich A. I.
Development of shoes for couriers
Dunaevskaya K., Boyko O., Babich A.
The formation of the range of children’s orthopedic shoes according to the results market research
Mechatronics, computer engineering and metrology
Kulinich R. V., Bila T. Ya.
Determination of an influence of a fan rotation speed on a cooling process in thermoelectric refrigerator
Romanenko M. K., Berezin L. N., Klyuchko E. V.
Profiling the complex shape of the flexibility facet of the cam of automatic half-hose machine

Lisovets S., Sirenko S.
Synthesis of digital PID-regulators by a given Z-plane zeroing

Lisovets S. N., Nevmerzhytskyi I. V.
Automation of autoclave for drying of gas-concrete blocks
Chemical and biopharmaceutical technologies
Klyantsko A. R., Kyslova O. V.
The influence of technological parameters of the electrochemical process nickel plating on the coatings quality