№4 2020

Technical aesthetics, design and ergonomics
Kuzmenko A., Nikolaeva T.
Research of factors that influence the development of youth fashion and aesthetics in China
Abizov V., Sidorova A.
Features of the design of the internal exhibition space: compositional techniques and means
Abyzov V., Prokopenko S.
Features of the modern park space organization of active recreation
Kuzmenko К., Kosenko D.
Interiors of temporary adults for adults
Sluta Y. N., Dubrivna A. P.
Trends in the use of color in the design of advertising as an artistic communicative phenomenon
Miroshnichenko M. E., Dubrivna A. P.
Features of building visual communications in poster design
Solodka D. A., Strekalova E. E., Hovhannisyan S. V.
Semantic differences of a graphic sign
Technologies of light industry and materials science
Ftomovych H. A., Ploshchyk V. V., Pervaia N. V.
Modern trends in the use of reflective elements for footwear
Mechatronics, computer engineering and metrology
Dyachenko Yu. R, Kulik T. I., Zlotenko B. M., Demishonkova S. A.
Automation of the process of watering indoor plants
Nozhcka S. I.,  Pylypenko Y. M.
Automated feed systems for feeding livestock
Chemical and biopharmaceutical technologies
Yeremeychuk M. V., Kryukova O. A.
Comparative analysis of modern copper plating electrolytes
Burdelyuk L. I., Kryukova O. A.
Characteristics of modern methods of applying protective zinc coatings
Kalyuzhin A. S., Kyslova O. V.
Comparative characteristics of industrial chromium plating electrolytes
Sherstiuk L. S., Yashchuk K. S., Kachan R. V.
Prospects for the development of domestic detergents and disinfectants for the pharmaceutical industry
Boychuk T. S., Zavistivska T. A., Stepanova V. A., Kachan R. V.
Antimicrobial medicines for the treatment and prevention of infections