№4 2019

Skurykhina  P. P.,  Dubrivna  A. P.
The role of compositional solutions in the modern graphic design of periodicals
Zhuk O. Y., Safronova O. O.
Foreign experience of forming design of the boarding houses for elderly people
Safronova O., Antonenko I., Hudkova N.
Particularities of implementation of innovative tools in the interior design of boarding schools for children with visual disability
Bulhakova T. V., Sova I. V.
Features of formation of interior office room type open space
Yakovets Y. M., Shutska G. V.
Use of environmental and non-traditional materials for the manufacture and decoration of haberdashery
Nycheglog V., Statsenko V.
Test bench for continuous action dispensing equipment control system
Halimonov A., Gladchuk O.
Basic parameters for choosing a domestic cleaner

Lisovets S. N., Derikit S. A.
Computer-integrated mixer control for the manufacture of semi-finished products for water-dispersion paints

Kononenko D. V., Pylypenko Y. M.
Quality improvement in vehicle license plate recognition
Voznenko I. I., Kriukova O. A.
Hot dip galvanizing method: advantages and disadvantages
Marchenko D. S., Kriukova O. A.
Nickel plating electrolytes: an overview
Tkachenko O. V., Derliuk V. O.
The effective main and auxiliary electrolytes in black chrome plating technologies
Tkachenko O. V., Novik N. O.
Joint discharge of copper and zinc ions
Yaremchuk V. M., Kуslova O. V.
Comparative characteristics of complex copper plating electrolytes
Svystun R. M., Borysenko Yu. V.
Advantages of application of complex electrolytes electrochemical copper compared to simple acide electrolytes
Biletska V. L., Kysel A. A., Kachan R. V.
Creation of a new medicinal products for the prevention and treatment of diseases caused by dermatophytes and yeast-like fungi