№4 2018


Vasylkovskyi D., Tsymbal N., Kalyuzhnyi O., Liulka D.
Electronic library development of templates of male figures and sewing materials for using in technical design of clothing models
Wodzinska O., Derebaha O.
Optimization the adhesive materials package in the manufacture of men jackets from Scabal costume fabrics
Nebohatikova O. Ye., Sadretdinova N. V.
Improvement of designing process of the clothes for theater and cinema
Mahliei K. M., Obrizan V. A.
The study of physical and mechanical characteristics of everyday shoes with improved performance characteristics
Kamenets S. Е., Zorina N. N.
Ways of improving the consumer properties of linen textiles for footwear of servicemen
Kamyanets S. Ye., Shysha N. S.
Automation of technological preparation of footwear production of different methods of fastening
Hondarchuk P. M., Bryliuk S. V.
Comparative characteristic of the parameters of the troops’ foot and ATO participants during anthropometric investigations
Dvorhak V. M., Lytvyak D. L., Melaschenko I. S., Mochonyk V. V.
Visualization of schematic modeling of mechanisms of technological machines
Berezin  L.
Trials on reliability of technological equipment for branch
Popovichenko S. A., Dudarenko V. V., Korol A. A., Masyuta V. V., Litvinchuk Y. M., Shyyan E. A.
Scope of the structural scheme of shoe machines hydraulic drives
Bulenok R., Statsenko V.
Development of the automatic washing machine distributing solution system
Barco Ye. D., Petko I. V.
Improvement of the design of a domestic air conditioner in order to increase the efficiency of the technological process
Zaitsev I., Petko I.
Research of hydraulic supply of porous mesh materials used in acquaplidation in domestic vacuum cleaners
Shvaichenko V. B., Lyakhovchenko A. S.
Technology of electronic systems Internet of Things in fashion industry
Shvedchikova I. A., Kobzystyj V. O.
Stabilizer of alternating voltage with microprocessor control
Shavolkin О. О, Levchenko D. О.
Three-phase converter units with photovoltaic solar panels for combined power supply systems
Lisovets S. N., Tomashevskyi D. I.
Increasing the efficiency of wastewater treatment using an electrolysis plant
Lisovets S. N., Chupryna M. A.
Improvement of LED lighting control system
Nazarenko V. В., Bereznenko N. М., Novak D. С., Skripnik С. P.
Investigation of compositions based on secondary polyethylene with improved properties
Greschuk S., Struk N., Bereznenko N., Novak D.
Application of polymer materials for manufacture of communication pipes