№3 2018

Bilei-Ruban N., Siedoukhova Ye.
Methodological aspects of modern clothes’ artistic design on the basis of hungarian costume
 Ivasenko M. V., Garkavenko S. S., Bashinska O. A.
The researching of buyer’s work methods in the formation of competitive collections of brand shoes
Smazhenko V. S., Baranova A. I., Batrac V. S.
Using graphic editors with the purpose of improving the creative preparation of students of specialty «Design»
Kolomiets A. I., Bakan L. A.
Opotimization of technological parameters of sewn seames for qualitative decoration lines on clothes with transformation elements
Obolenska A., Bakan L.
Selection of technological parameters of threaded joints in the manufacture of clothing in technique «patchwork»
Zinko R. V., Yancinsky S. V., Yancinsky V. V.
Laboratory stand for determination of onecyclic descriptions at stretch of fabrics
Kuchina Y. Y., Arabuli A. T.
Quality evaluation of parts of women’s jacket made of suit fabrics
Kuhuk T. V., Ielina T. V.
Parametrization of templates of knitwear producrs in the mid-program AUTOCAD
Lukianova K. S., Obrizan V. A.
Improvement of construction and technology of manufacture of shipping for pilots of military — transportation aviation
Obryzan V. A, Danko A. Y.
Study of thermal properties of special equipment for protection from low temperatures
Babich A., Miroshnichenko I.
The effect of factors of the consumer choice on the ormation of the spectra of services for repair of shoulding
Rubets O. Y., Babich A. I.
Comparative characteristics of improved and existing enterprises of manufacturing technology of direct equipment
Komkina K. О., Kernesh V.P.
Anthropometric studies of the feet of young men using 3D technology
Sych Ye. S., Petko I. V.
Design of an automatic drum washing machine using different type of damper
Zubenko D. A., Zenkin M. A.
Use of the track inverter in uninterrupted power supplies
Lisovets S. N., Martynuk U. A.
Optimization of modes of gas-air mixture supply to the boiler plant
 Iskandaryan R., Pylypenko Y.
Use of sensors in the tire pressure monitoring system
Bakalo O., Pylypenko Y.
Study of the automated control of humidity of soil at growing of agricultural cultures in a hothouse