№2 2020

Technical aesthetics, design and ergonomics
Drozdovska N., Strumіnska T.
Study of artistic signs of a traditional ballet costume for designing a women’s clothing collection in casual style
Kharchenko A. S., Nikolayeva T. I., Nikolayevа T. V.
Influence of underwater ecosystem on the development of ecologicsl direction in artistic design of modern collections
Kolisnyk O., Volkova V., Lukianenko K.
System of visual communication in the context of its traditional and modern forms
Kolisnyk O. V., Yamenko K. O., Didovets O. V.
Visual-communicative design of computer games interfaces
Liudkeych K. B., Kvasnytsya R. B., Halyshych R. Y.
Advertising design of Lviv Christmas holiday cycle showcases
Technologies of light industry and materials science
Bezsmertna T. V., Zlotenko B. M.
Improvement of the technological process of injection molding of shoe parts made of polymeric materials
Obrizan V. A., Zlotenko B. N., Rubtsova A. A.
Determination of sole resistance to erasure and multiple flexing
Ivasenko M. V., Shcherbyna V. O.
Customization when designing a backpack bag by the method of cross-stylistic transformation
Pervaia N. V., Lon O. S.
Influence of different constructions of special belts on the working process of the photographer
Shundik I. S., Kernesh V. P.
Formation of a catalog for individual sewing
Mechatronics, computer engineering and metrology
Teslenko A. V., Statsenko V. V.
Adaptive airflow control system for domestic fan
Marchenko R. M., Statsenko V. V.
The research stand for an electric compressor power system study using solar energy
Barylko S. V., Zubovych A. D., Habit L. V., Koshel A. S., Manilo I. P., Dregulyas V. E.
Research of the possibility of using ultrasonic waves to control the parameters of a material with a complex structure
Boiko A. M., Dromenko V. B.
Simulation of an automated system for the operational management of «smart home» parameters in the PROTEUS environment
Gryshko V.V., Dromenko V. B.
Visualization of the state of automated control systems for passenger elevators in multi-storey office buildings
Golubev L. P., Kiva I. L., Tsys B. I.
Control system modernization of industrial manipulator