№1 2021

Technical aesthetics, design and ergonomics
Marchenko O., Basanec O., Osipchuk M.
Analysis of existing approaches to the development of visual style
Osipchuk N. V., Basanets A. P., Prokopivnyuk N. M.
Polystylism in modern Ukrainian graphic design
Semykina N., Gula I., Maznichenko O.
Modern experience in developing and applying an accidental font in graphic design
Bulhakova T. V., Lachynov S. O.
Features of interior design of observation establishments during a pandemic on the basis of a medical center
Technologies of light industry and materials science
Sadretdinova N. V., Rybak V. M.
Research of the influence of technological parameters on the quality of sewn seams of furs
Yurko K. P., Slizkov A. M.
Analysis of the development of national legislative regulation of expert research of textile materials at the present stage
Mechatronics, computer engineering and metrology
Dvorzhak V. M., Pysarenko D. D., Shevel S. O., Karpenko R. V., Dykusar V. I., Petrivskyi M. O.
Investigation of the hinge-lever mechanism of the thread tightening machine of the sewing machine
Dromenko V. B., Taras V. S.
Modern approaches to assessing the quality of complex electrical circuits
Chemical and biopharmaceutical technologies
Kalyuzhin A. S., Kyslova O. V.
Features of chromium electrodeposition from electrolyte solutions based on Cr (III) compounds
Petryk E. A., Kyslova O. V.
Features of the structure and properties of shiny chrome plating
Kolesnik O. K., Kryukova O. A.
Two-layer nickel coatings to increase wear and corrosion resistance