№1 2020

Technical aesthetics, design and ergonomics
Krotova T., Nikolayeva T., Kozenko I.
Designing of the assortment line of the creative collection of youth clothes on the basis of study and analysis of futurism style
Pushkarova M. D., Nikolaiyeva T. I., Nikolaiyeva T. V.
Research on tectonics of the form of the historical Korean costume of Joseon dynasty for the desing clothing man collection
Abyzov V. A., Kirnaz A. O.
Features of the formation of the space of family-type orphanages
Bulgakova T. V., Malysheva N. M.
Modern trends in airport interior design
Bulhakova T. V., Radchenko Y. C.
Features of interior design of sports rehabilitation centers for persons with disabilities
Kukoba M., Kysil S.
Design of accessible and barrier-free architectural environment of transport infrastructure objects
Tsyktor H. M., Safronova О. О., Antonenko I. V.
Design features of recreational facilities on the water in the structure of the yacht club
Technologies of light industry and materials science
Chuprynka V. I., Abramiv M. Yu.
Investigation of factors that influence the rational use of roll material when cutting on shoe parts
Ivasenko M. V., Nikolaychuk I. M.
The researching and development a structure of goods return in the e-commerce system of fashion industry
Mechatronics, computer engineering and metrology
Kovalchuk A. A., Pilipenko Y. M.
Solar control system
Starnavskyi I. I., Shvaichenko V. B.
Modern monitoring features of the radio waves propagation
Dromenko V. B., Patsera D. S.
Improvement of characteristics of thermoelectric converters
Chemical and biopharmaceutical technologies
Tkachenko O., Majior V., Sauliak T.
Modern galvanizing technologies in alkaline and pyrophosphate electrolytes
Tkachenko A. V., Sorokina E. E.
The cost effective electrolytes for metallic silver deposition
Petryk E. A., Borysenko Yu. V.
Features of electrolytic chromium plating and their reflection in the technological process
Yablonsky R. V., Borysenko Yu. V.
Features of deep electrolytic oxidation of aluminum and its alloys