№1 2019

Kokorina G., Kudryavtseva N., Nakonechnaya M.
Signs of national identification in the costume of the peoples of Vietnam in the context of the problems of modern clothing design 
Pecherska V., Chuprina N., Kudryavceva N.
Study of composite performance art-element of creativity Fernand Leger in order to design modern collection of clothes 
Klopotivska Y., Vynnychuk M., Khynevych R.
Features of a design of headgear with their purposes of harmonic perception 
Gabelko A. M., Yelina T. V.
Development of a women’s knitted coat model with using Stoll Pattern Workstation M1 Plus Working Interface 
Kilimnychenko O. I., Bacan L. A.
Improvement of the production of waist clothes for teenage girls
Berezin L. M., Rubanka M. M.
The calculation of rotor knife crusher on the fatigue strength and reliability 
Shevchenko M. V., Lagoda E. V., Potopnik D. R., Skripak V. M., Eremenko G. Yu., Popovichenko S. A.
Metric synthesis of a crank-slider mechanism using applied CAD programs 
Belagaev I. N., Kulik T. I., Gladchuk O. Z.
Investigation of the technological process of air humidification using an ultrasonic humidifier 
Kaminskyi R.V., Belaya T. Y.
Improving the hot beverage production system 
Golubev L. P., Teslenko V. С., Boyko O. S.
Development of the microprocessor control system of robot-manipulator 
Golubev L. P., Kulakov V. С.
Creation of an automated microprocessor system for remote monitoring and information gathering 
Datsiv M. М., Pilipenko Yu. M.
Automatic control system of air coolers of pumped gas at a compressor station 
Sheremet M. K., Pylypenko Yu. M.
Automation of energy efficiency of ventilation systems with heat recovery 
Shevchenko A. A, Kryukova O. A.
Features of the process of zincting steel parts 
Vlasenko T. M., Kryukova O. A.
Progressive electricity transactions 
Rulova A. V., Kyslova O. V.
Acid solutions modification of aluminum and its alloys chemical nickel plating