№1 2018

Shcherban L. O., Kostogriz Yu. O., Kersnovska V. V., Kryvenka N. V, Ivanitska V. O.
Innovative technology of design-preservation of modern clothing
Markova A., Naumenko N., Chebanova A., Nikolayeva T.
The research of interaction of art and compositional characteristics of the neo-futuristic direction and bionical form-shaping for the modern fashion design
Kysil S., Priadkina O.
Features of the interior design of modern Art-centers on the basis of built-in public buildings
 Zavarzin O. O., Rodina A. V.
Peculiarities of designing a leisure center for young people
Kosenko D. Yu., Zhembrovska T. Yu., Chebykina M. V., Donets K. V.
Furniture for flexible learning spaces in limited-size classrooms
Mirolubova O., Babich A. I.
Improvement of technological parameters of execution of silicon compounds in the manufacture of leather products
Chertenko L. P., Tukalo N. M. Garkavenko S. S.
Development of original design with 3D modeling function
Chertenko L., Marfiichuk M.
Development of a method for designing forms of lasts for fancy shoes based on custom parameters of footstep
Savchuk O., Halavska L.
Research of quality of the printed pictures inflicted on knitting linen in number of different ways
Berezin L. N., Malyk P. A.
To calculation of parameters of chain transmission of the knurling mechanism of the cloth  for the circular knitting machine
Koshel S. A., Koshel A. V., Bondarenko P. V., Gubin E. V.
Research storage downloading   device for machine DN
Koshel S. A., Koshel A. V., Perfilov R. N.
Sewing needles investigation mechanism for the machine zigzag-stitch
Pavlenko V. M., Tkachenko D. O.
Еvaluation of efficiency of use of receiver in ventilation systems of office accommodation
Golubev L. P., Kiva I. L., Rafalsky A. S., Shynkarenko Yu. V.
Configuring and modifying the software of CNC machine
Litvinov V. A, Nikolaev V. V., Golubev L. P.
Authentication of the user in automated microprocessor systems
Cherevach Y. F, Kуslova O. V.
Modern methods of galvanizing: advantages and disadvantages
Shevchyuk A., Kryukova O.
Comparative characteristics of electrolytes brilliant tin
Kulbovskaya O. A.
Aluminum anodizing process
Shesteryk A.
Process of tinning: overview