№3 2019

Abyzov V. A., Volchuk M. V.
Features of color perception by adolescents in the interior of adolescent development centers
Riabova N. O., Dubrivna A. P.
Features of the use of the mark in the graphic design system of the corporate identity of medical institutions of Ukraine
Tyukh A. I., Dubrivna A. P.
Design features of corporate identity of modern cultural events (for example, children’s festivals)
Zakharchenko V. D., Radetsky A. Y., Shvaichenko V. B.
Development of electronic system for recording and reading information which is contained in array of static memory, which is built on the basis of a complementary metal-oxide semiconductor technology
Golubev L. P., Pidsuha O. V.
The study of the PID controller using a microprocessor system
Golubev L. P., Vovk D. M.
Development of a computer-integrated control system for a robot manipulator
Logvinchuk U. V, Gavrilyuk T. V, Makyeyeva I. S.
Production of copper coating from electrolyte with additives
Tolochko I. V., Kriukova O. A.
New aspects of the aluminum anoding process
Marinuch A. L., Kriukova O. A.
Progress chrome plating electrolytes
Sliusar M. A., Kriukova O. A.
Modern electrolytes and chromium plating methods
Kremlyanets I. N., Kyslova O. V.
Advantages and technological features of the process of bright multilayer nickel plating
Tovarnitsky O. Ya., Kyslova O. V.
The influence of new organic brightening additives of zincate electrolytes on the galvanizing